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Why we choose Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

As we received our stock of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil today, we realized that other food stalls pay seven times (yes 7x!) less for the oil they use!


Fun fact!

– In the distant past, Olive Oil was used as a mean of exchange between people from the Mediterranean region and the Middle East because it was so valuable. It is no surprise then, that Olive Oil is pricier than any other oils. It was even called ‘Liquid Gold‘ in some regions!
– Olive Oil is pressed from olives that originates from olive trees, using mechanical means without the use of any solvents, and under temperatures that will not degrade the oil. The best type is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is extracted using a natural method to guarantee the purity of its content.
– There is a misconception that Extra-Virgin Olive Oil can’t be used for cooking and is commonly used as a topping for flavour, instead. One of the reason why this happens is because of other alternative cheaper options, such as vegetable oil. People also believe that heating olive oil will degrade the oil and produce toxins. However, olive oil can hold temperatures of normal cooking, although stir-fry and deep-fry is not recommended. In actuality, the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is more beneficial than other types of oil.


Despite the high price, here are the benefits of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and why we will always choose them for our meals.


Whether you prefer our sweet potato curry with chicken and broccoli or our sea bass and hearty chickpeas stew, a daily portion from PX Plate meals will benefit you with the goodness of olive oil.



There are many healthy benefits of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil that prevents diseases like CVD, which is the second largest cause of deaths in Singapore and the largest cause of deaths in most industrialised countries. That’s why we chose to use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to cook our meal!

 Your Px Plate team