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Weekly Feature: How Px Plate Benefits My Active Lifestyle

Evelyn, who leads an active lifestyle tells us her amazing experience with Px Plate since she starts taking our meals regularly and why she would recommend it to other people as well.

“I tried Px Plate meals for the first time out of curiosity,” Evelyn told us when she was asked what attracted her to our meals in the first place. She saw the “grand” blue colour theme in our newly opened stall last year in 51A Ayer Rajah Crescent Canteen and it was imprinted on her mind every time she walked by. After searching in Google for Px Plate, she finally learnt what exactly we offer and how she could order it.


Px Plate provides prescribed healthy meals that is personalized and created specifically for each individual. Evelyn also stated that before she found Px Plate, she wanted to look for food that could provide a good amount of protein and healthy fats to balance out her active lifestyle. She started exercising in school and was very much active in cardio, such as swimming, jogging, cycling and walking long distances in the park. Recently, she has gained a newfound interest in calisthentics, which doesn’t use much apparatus but relies mainly on one’s body weight to build muscle, and develop strength and flexibility. “I didn’t have access to superfood. I needed it. So yeah, aside from taking other health supplement, I also made Px Plate meals a part of my diet.”


When asked what Evelyn likes most about Px Plate, she emphasized on the assured time selection to pick up the meals as she stressed on the importance of having lunch on time for the benefit of her health and overall metabolism. To name three other advantages that Px Plate has offered her so far, she added, “Customised diet for my own body requirements, convenience of ordering, and cashless payment.”

Evelyn said that she would definitely recommend Px Plate to other people because it provides easy access to superfood to whomever is looking for it. “And it’s really gonna help (you) very much in syncing with exercising for a healthier lifestyle.”


Great news! Px Plate users could now pay by cash upon the collection of their own meals in the pickup point.