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Employees’ Feature: Our Food-Makers

Tomas Chew is an experienced chef who has worked for various restaurants and even runs his own food business in Singapore for more than 20 years with a broad knowledge of restaurant set-up and hands-on experience in the operational area. Versatility is his specialty, as he is skillful in handling both Western and Asian food.

Interestingly, prior to his employment in Px Plate, Tomas has worked as a manager, photographer, chef, designer, consultant, and supervised renovation work for residential, retail outlets and restaurants.

Prior to his employment in Px Plate, Syahel has been working in the culinary industry since he was 14 years old, and starts doing full-time commitment after his graduation at 18. He specializes in Malay, Western, and Thai culinary, and has worked in café and hotel to gain more experience. Syahel always strives to learn something new, and in cooking, there is never enough knowledge to devour as something new always comes up. He also envisions himself as a very successful business owner of a food chain one day.