What is different with our meals


Same Meals. Different Options.

Px Plate is now offering Standard meals and Optimal Meals.


Enjoy 2 options to choose from for your  meals.



What is a standard meal?

Standard meals are meals made for everyone with the aim to provide a healthy meal option for all.

These meals:

1.  Have less than 500 kcal

2. Have general nutritional value for everyone

3. Do not require you sign up for an account



What is a optimal meal?

Optimal meals are meals designed precisely for your nutritional needs. The following is taken into account when preparing your meals:

Your profile (Age, Weight, Height)

Current heath condition (if any)

Lifestyle (Eating habits, activity levels)

The best meal option for you! Highly recommended!



 You asked. We listened.

We received your requests for more meal choices per day, so we have increased your meal choices from 2 to 3 meals!

Enjoy choosing from 3 Precise Meals every Monday and Wednesday.




Free delivery available!

Are you ready to make the switch to optimal nutrition?